What’s The Plan

If you reject the initiation of force for political change, and reject political action on moral grounds, how do you make change happen?

Are you waiting for the day that the entire population agrees with you and the government voluntarily goes away because no one wants it? Do you think there is a chance of that happening in our lifetime?

Is the plan is to wait for things to get so bad that there is a total societal collapse? Then we can go off and form our own communities? That would explain the number of survival articles I have seen on Lew Rockwell’s site over the years. Yet, most of the people who I have met in the movement don’t have the health, physical fitness, or skill-set to survive the period between societal collapse and the establishment of AnCapistan. Most would be dead within the month.

Do we hope that others will somehow do the work for us?

Are we all just a bunch of lazy whiners who will never do anything past posting on Twitter and Facebook?

Whats the plan?