The Nazis Were Leftists

The nazis called themselves socialists, hated capitalism, and have a party platform with 4 times as many ideas that would appeal to the modern left over the right.

nazi quote "accuse the other side of what you are

Nazi has become the new favorite smear of the left, and anyone who doesn’t agree with every plank of the progressive wing of the democrat party is rapidly getting the label. Surely, there are real nazis out there, but their numbers and influence are so insignificant that to fear them is simply laughable. No, we’re not talking about the few skinhead lunatics with swastikas tattoos and SS memorabilia who blame “the Jews” and minorities for all of their problems, but normal people who simply don’t subscribe to the madness that is the platform of the modern democratic party. And, as if giving everyone you disagree with a Nazi label isn’t bad enough, an ever-growing number of leftists find it acceptable to assault anyone they label a nazi.

The rationale seems to be that the left are obviously as far from the nazis as a political movement can be; therefore, the rest of us must be “literally nazis” who dream of stuffing Jews in ovens as we goose-step around our split-level houses in the suburbs.

Most of us blindly accept the idea that the nazis belong on the right side of the left-right political spectrum, because it is what we have been told Continue reading “The Nazis Were Leftists”

Fake Liberals

Many people who claim to be liberals believe that it is wrong to be sexist, as long as the woman has the correct political affiliation. It is perfectly acceptable to say all sorts of vile things about women like Sara Palin, Melania Trump, or any of the women on Fox News. According to the fake liberal, Democrat women should be equal to men, but republican women are just dumb bimbos who should shut up and sit down.

Similarly, the fake liberal believes that is is wrong to believe that race defines a person, or that the color of a person’s skin determines the validity of their ideas. Yet, it is perfectly acceptable to make the argument that white men are “what’s wrong with the world”, that the death of white people by the police is not as important as the deaths of black people, even if those deaths occur twice as often, that there is a problem if something “is so white”, that it is ok to teach white children that their experiences don’t matter because of their “privilege”, and that a black man who believes in libertarianism is an “Uncle Tom” or “not really black”. They even believe that pointing out their racism is not a reflection of them, but merely proof that YOU are racist.