Own Twitter #FreeMilo

There are a lot of people complaining about the ban of Milo Yiannopoulos and Twitter’s selective crackdown on speech, and there seems to be a general feeling of helplessness.

If you were the owner of Twitter, they would have to listen to you.

So, why aren’t you an owner?

The stock market opens at 9:30 EST, and Twitter is less than $20/share.

Is that a good price? I have no idea.

Am I buying Twitter stock? No.

Do I own Twitter stock? No.

Am I am financial advisor? No.

This is not about investing. This is about having a say in the way that Twitter is run, because you are OWN the company. Shareholders ARE owners, and companies listen to owners.

If everybody tweeting about #freeMilo bought a few shares today, and then contacted investor relations, he’d be back on tomorrow. Then you could starting working on your other complaints.

Capitalism IS a democracy.

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