Ford’s Free Market Recycling

Agave plant fibers can be used as storage bins, wiring harnesses and other car parts

Source: Jose Cuervo could help lighten up Fords

The Detroit news has an interesting article about how The Ford Motor Company is working with Jose Cuervo to find ways to use the leftover agave fibers in the production of automobiles. 

Ford has a long history of recycling, dating back at least to the 1920’s when Ford began to turn wood scraps from the Model T assembly line into charcoal briquettes. These briquettes were first sold under the name Ford Charcoal, before the brand changed to Kingsford. 

Today, Ford incorporates several recyclable products into its production process, including old clothing, tomato skins, and recycled plastics. 

Why do they do this if there are no laws requiring them to find ways to use distillery garbage? They do it simply because they are “greedy capitalists” focused on “evil profits”.