The 10 Worst and 10 Best Presidents

I am halfway through Liberty Classroom’s The 10 Worst and 10 Best Presidents.

It’s the kind of high quality content that I’ve come to expect from Liberty Classroom in general, and Brion McClanahan in particular.
Brion uses this course to explore the radical idea that the presidents should be ranked on their fidelity to the oath of office, and not on popularity or the ends that they achieved. This approach leads Brion to conclude that some the presidents commonly held to be the best are actually the worst.

9 Presidents Who Screwed Up America

Brion’s book 9 Presidents Who Screwed Up America And Four Who Tried to Save Her, explores the topic in greater depth. I liked this book enough to buy a copy for myself and a copy as a father’s day gift. Don’t be turned off by the one star reviews on Amazon, as they are almost all written by people who are judging the book by its cover and have never read it.