Easy Way to Stop Smoking

I didn’t believe there was an easy way to quit smoking, but I was wrong.

I had taken the patch off my arm to smoke a cigarette more than once, and was fond of the Mark Twain quote “It’s easy to quit smoking.  I’ve done it hundreds of times”.

I started smoking when I was 15, and continued long after I started promising myself that I’d stop. It was a pack a day habit most days, but I could smoke a pack in a few hours at the bar, or on National Smokeout Day. I smoked almost two packs a day when I was in the Army. Continue reading “Easy Way to Stop Smoking”

I Trashed the Site

I was trying to overhaul both the site and the file structure on my hosting platform and accidentally trashed the whole thing. I made the decision to keep it down until I could restore everything exactly as it was before, but the e-mails alerting me that the site was down and asking why are piling up. So I am restoring it today and will try to add all of the old content and fix it up as I go forward. I also decided that I am no longer going to use the pen name RS Wilson which is confusing to people that I meet out in the real world. I’ll use the name my father gave me, which was the name his father gave him: Gerald.