Why does a blog called No State No Problem have a post about Trump?Why do I talk about Politics on Twitter?

Why will I be writing posts that talk about the Constitution?

These are all good questions.

I decided to name my future blog No State No Problem while reading Lew Rockwell’s Against the State: An Anarcho-Capitalist Manifesto and dreaming of a stateless society.The name is easy to remember, clear in its intention, and not taken. If you have never tried to register a website name, you may not be able to understand the importance of “not taken”, but I ensure you, it is the hardest to overcome. 

Against The State
I believe that an Anarcho-Capitalist society would fantastic.

Yet, I recognize that we live in a world where the majority of people believe that the state is not only necessary, but desirable.

We are a minority, and the uninitiated tend to dismiss our ideas when they are presented directly.

The only way to open some people up to our ideas might be to begin with a Constitutional argument.

The only way to reach others may be a political campaign.

Ron Paul introduced me to Rockwell and Rothbard, and he was a congressman running for president. His message first resonated with me because he spoke of what was constitutional, and those arguments opened me up to the others.

I also believe that we cannot let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

I think there are constitutional amendments that could make things better.

I believe that there are some candidates that will be better than others.

I believe that if the minarchists make progress, then we make progress, and minarchism is easier for the masses to accept.

So I will talk about the dream of a stateless society, and reference Rothbard, Hoppe, Rockwell, and others, but I will also try to deal with the reality of today, and try to find ways to improve it.