5 Thoughts on Election Results

5 thoughts on the election results.

1. If there was a year the Libertarian and Green parties should have been able to get double digit vote shares, it was this one, yet Gary Johnson got only 3.2% of the popular vote with a total of 3,718,178, and Dr. Jill Stein got less than 1% with a total of 1,097,981 votes. Sure, the entire system is rigged against them and that is clearly a factor, but the inability of the minor parties to do better is a testament to how terrible Johnson and Stein were as candidate choices.

2. Johnson broke the 5% barrier in Alaska, Maine, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wyoming, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Libertarians will have future success there. Many of those votes may very well have been nothing more than protest votes.

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Johnson/Weld on Spending & Taxes

I admit that I have not paid much attention to Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.
Right off the bat they started with the nazi cake fiasco and the stupid idea that we need two presidents.

How can the Libertarian Party candidate suggest that we should force people to labor for other people?Why would the supposed small government candidate suggest we should double the number of presidents? Are there two first ladies? Two desks in the oval office? How do you address the Constitutional issue?

Clearly, Johnson/Weld is not the candidate that I would have chosen, but I’m sure they are radically better than Trump. And they couldn’t possibly be worse than Clinton.

Are they good candidates with some flaws, or just the lesser of three evils?

I spent some time looking at their positions on the issues, and will present my initial reactions over a series of posts.

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