Winning Over Others

We have all become approval-junkies, always on the lookout for our next fix of external validation: for the next little rush of dopamine we get whenever we are patted on the head by others for being a “good boy” or a “good girl,” for exhibiting the right behavior, for giving the right answer, for expressing the right opinion.

This article from the Foundation for Economic Education discusses the idea that much of the political statements made online are not an attempt to actually persuade anyone, but are merely announcements to the world that you hold the proper positions on the issues of the day. More importantly, the article also talks about how to go about arguing for liberty in the midst of all of this signaling. It says that the best way to approach the argument is to talk about how Liberty can benefit each person individually, not by making statements that attack a general worldview.

Look at persuasion as a battle. Attacking the worldview is doomed to failure, because the other side is dug in, and has all of its defenses in place. When you appeal to the individual, you avoid Continue reading “Winning Over Others”

Own Twitter #FreeMilo

There are a lot of people complaining about the ban of Milo Yiannopoulos and Twitter’s selective crackdown on speech, and there seems to be a general feeling of helplessness.

If you were the owner of Twitter, they would have to listen to you.

So, why aren’t you an owner?

The stock market opens at 9:30 EST, and Twitter is less than $20/share.

Is that a good price? I have no idea.

Am I buying Twitter stock? No.

Do I own Twitter stock? No.

Am I am financial advisor? No.

This is not about investing. This is about having a say in the way that Twitter is run, because you are OWN the company. Shareholders ARE owners, and companies listen to owners.

If everybody tweeting about #freeMilo bought a few shares today, and then contacted investor relations, he’d be back on tomorrow. Then you could starting working on your other complaints.

Capitalism IS a democracy.

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Source: Investor relations | About

Ford’s Free Market Recycling

Agave plant fibers can be used as storage bins, wiring harnesses and other car parts

Source: Jose Cuervo could help lighten up Fords

The Detroit news has an interesting article about how The Ford Motor Company is working with Jose Cuervo to find ways to use the leftover agave fibers in the production of automobiles. 

Ford has a long history of recycling, dating back at least to the 1920’s when Ford began to turn wood scraps from the Model T assembly line into charcoal briquettes. These briquettes were first sold under the name Ford Charcoal, before the brand changed to Kingsford. 

Today, Ford incorporates several recyclable products into its production process, including old clothing, tomato skins, and recycled plastics. 

Why do they do this if there are no laws requiring them to find ways to use distillery garbage? They do it simply because they are “greedy capitalists” focused on “evil profits”.

Fake Liberals

Many people who claim to be liberals believe that it is wrong to be sexist, as long as the woman has the correct political affiliation. It is perfectly acceptable to say all sorts of vile things about women like Sara Palin, Melania Trump, or any of the women on Fox News. According to the fake liberal, Democrat women should be equal to men, but republican women are just dumb bimbos who should shut up and sit down.

Similarly, the fake liberal believes that is is wrong to believe that race defines a person, or that the color of a person’s skin determines the validity of their ideas. Yet, it is perfectly acceptable to make the argument that white men are “what’s wrong with the world”, that the death of white people by the police is not as important as the deaths of black people, even if those deaths occur twice as often, that there is a problem if something “is so white”, that it is ok to teach white children that their experiences don’t matter because of their “privilege”, and that a black man who believes in libertarianism is an “Uncle Tom” or “not really black”. They even believe that pointing out their racism is not a reflection of them, but merely proof that YOU are racist.

Chávez’s Daughter Is Filthy Rich, and That Shouldn’t Be a Surprise

In Hugo Chávez’s socialist utopia of Venezuela, the people are supposed to be equal in both opportunities and outcome. Of course, as anyone who understands socialism in action knows, the connected are more equal than others. The government awards them special privileges and subsidies that the average citizen has no access to. Take María Gabriela Chávez for instance. Daughter of the late Hugo Chavez, she has amassed a fortune of $4,200,000,000 while the citizens of Venezuela become poorer and poorer.

The billions in María Gabriela Chávez’s bank accounts are not some anomaly of “poorly implemented” socialism, but exactly what absolute power provides.

Source: Chávez’s Daughter Is Filthy Rich, and That Shouldn’t Be a Surprise

Brazilian Residents Build Bridge That Costs 54 Times Less Than Mayor’s Proposal

FootbridgeWhy is the idea that we need the state to act as a middleman in construction projects never questioned?

These Brazilians got tired of waiting 20 years for the state to build a bridge between their 2 towns and did it themselves. They also built it for 54 times less than the state’s proposal.

Source: Brazilian Residents Build Bridge That Costs 54 Times Less Than Mayor’s Proposal

Six Ways to Make People Like You

Dale Carnegie lists six ways to make people like you in his 1936 bestseller How to Win Friends and Influence People. These principles are as effective today as they were then, possibly even more so given the decline in human interaction and social niceties.1. Become genuinely interested in other people.

2. Smile

3. Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.

4. Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves.

5. Talk in terms of the other person’s interests.

6. Make the other person feel important – and do it sincerely.
Always remember that people who like you are more inclined to accept your arguments than people who don’t.

Add The Zeroes

There is a reason the big spenders in government and their supporters do not use zeroes in debt and spending figures outside the obvious answer that it is simpler to write. It also has the psychological effect of softening the blow and making large numbers seem less serious. For instance, while the sentence “The government’s debt is now 18 trillion dollars” conveys important information that the level of debt in this country is at a new, mind-boggling high, it does not have the same psychological impact as “The government’s debt is now $18,000,000,000,000”.

When discussing government spending or the deficit online, use the zeroes when possible.