Omar Daqneesh

Omar Daqneesh
Omar Daqneesh

This picture of Omran Daqneesh is upsetting a lot of people, and it should.

The five year old boy was at home with his mother, father and three sisters when a Russian airstrike destroyed his home.

We see young Omran’s bloodied face and wonder “How could they do that”? News anchors around the country are getting choked up reporting the story, and we demand that the Russians be held accountable.

Yet, the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations have killed scores of children with very little outcry, and Hillary is sure to kill more if she gets elected.

Of course, we never see a human face when the US Military bombs a neighborhood or drone strikes a wedding. We just hear that there was some “collateral damage” and get a body count. They want you to just think of them as statistics, but they are someone’s son or daughter, someone’s brother, sister, father, or mother.

They don’t let you see pictures of the children “we” maim and kill because that makes them human, and you may question why you keep electing people who take your hard earned money to do this kind of shit.