5 Thoughts on Election Results

5 thoughts on the election results.

1. If there was a year the Libertarian and Green parties should have been able to get double digit vote shares, it was this one, yet Gary Johnson got only 3.2% of the popular vote with a total of 3,718,178, and Dr. Jill Stein got less than 1% with a total of 1,097,981 votes. Sure, the entire system is rigged against them and that is clearly a factor, but the inability of the minor parties to do better is a testament to how terrible Johnson and Stein were as candidate choices.

2. Johnson broke the 5% barrier in Alaska, Maine, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wyoming, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Libertarians will have future success there. Many of those votes may very well have been nothing more than protest votes.

3. The establishment was clearly trying to help Johnson’s campaign in the hope of hurting Trump, and a better Libertarian candidate could have had a major impact this year. They will look to do the same in 2020 and the Libertarian party better have someone who can rise to the occasion. I don’t believe Peterson, McAfee or the others from 2016 can do it, but maybe Larry Sharpe or a new candidate could. I’d like to see them try to draft Woods/Napolitano.

4. As of this writing Trump has clearly won the Electoral College but is behind in the popular vote because of a few states. Clinton won by 2.5 million votes in California, 1.5 million in New York, 900K in Massachusetts and more than 500K in Maryland and Illinois. Count on increased calls to eliminate the Electoral College from the Clinton supporters.

5. The entire West Coast (California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada) and all of New England went to Clinton, with most of the rest going to Trump. Maybe it’s time for New England and the Left Coast to secede?