Bob Crosby and the Bobcats Song Politics

Some great lines from Bob Crosby and the Bobcat’s 1949 song Politics.

Give the kid a locket
Out of Daddy’s pocket
Have him thank you for the crime

You pay a fella seven dollars
And he kicks back six
You’re in politics

Please the big employers
And the workers lawyers
Keep em busy fighting
While the fish are biting
Don’t improve conditions
Cept for politicians
Then demand a little fee

If you can treat the general public like a bunch of hicks
You’re in politics

My Government Job


I haven’t always been a radical libertarian. In fact, from 2000 to 2008 I was a proud member of the United States Army who bought the Neoconservative political philosophy hook, line, and sinker. I willingly participated in the mistake known as Operation Iraqi Freedom from March 2003 to May 2004, and then found a government job as an Army civilian that I stayed in until 2007 when the gradual shift towards libertarianism made me look for an honest line of work.

For 2 years I worked in the motor pool of a Joint Reserve Base where we Continue reading “My Government Job”

Why I Use Waze

Waze Icon

Waze is a smartphone navigation app that uses crowd sourced data to provide route and traffic information to users.

It has turn-by-turn navigation, audible alerts, real time traffic and road speed, and the ability to plan the best departure based on arrival times, but the most important feature is police tracking.

Users can report police that they encounter along their routes in one of three categories: visible, hidden, and other side.

Drivers are then alerted to police that are ahead on their route with both an icon and a “Police Ahead” announcement, and it is even noted on the route choice screen.

The tradeoff is that you must allow the Waze app to report your location and speed to them, but that is a price I am willing to pay.

527 Pages of New Regulations in One Day

Obama has set a new record for rules and regulations by publishing 527 pages worth in just one day.

How could anyone be expected to keep up with the pace of regulation in this country?

Source: Obama sets new record for regulations, 527 pages in just one day

Victories for Eight of Nine Marijuana Initiatives Hasten the Collapse of Prohibition

Voters legalized marijuana in four more states and approved medical use in four others.

Source: Victories for Eight of Nine Marijuana Initiatives Hasten the Collapse of Prohibition

5 Thoughts on Election Results

5 thoughts on the election results.

1. If there was a year the Libertarian and Green parties should have been able to get double digit vote shares, it was this one, yet Gary Johnson got only 3.2% of the popular vote with a total of 3,718,178, and Dr. Jill Stein got less than 1% with a total of 1,097,981 votes. Sure, the entire system is rigged against them and that is clearly a factor, but the inability of the minor parties to do better is a testament to how terrible Johnson and Stein were as candidate choices.

2. Johnson broke the 5% barrier in Alaska, Maine, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wyoming, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Libertarians will have future success there. Many of those votes may very well have been nothing more than protest votes.

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The idea that “we” are the government is the great lie of american history.

It was not true 200 years ago and it is not true today.

Sure, they point to elections and say that we have the power, but the whole thing is rigged to ensure that we are left to choose between two sociopaths from the ruling elite whose differences are superficial at best. The voting population is led to choose between the lesser of two evils. 

The result? Evil.

Then they look down upon us from the inaugural podium, proclaim that the people have spoken for change, and go and do the same things we didn’t approve of when the last guy did them.

No, we are not the government.

They are the government.

We are mere subjects, serfs, or slaves, and they know it.

Hundreds of pounds of American Royal barbecue intended for needy bleached and thrown in dumpster

But without the state, who would destroy thousands of pounds of barbecue before it could feed the needy.

Source: Hundreds of pounds of American Royal barbecue intended for needy bleached and thrown in dumpster